Open-Xchange releases Public PTF 2011-08-19 for OX6 v6.20

This Release fixes bugs of Open-Xchange Server 6 v6.20 for all Open-Xchange Server Edition, Open-Xchange Hosting Edition, Open-Xchange Advanced Server Edition and Open-Xchange Server Edition for UCS. Additional this release fixes bugs of OXtender 2 for Microsoft Outlook. The PTF is available for all customers with a valid Open-Xchange license.

Shipped Packages and Version:
  • OX6 v6.20.0 Rev 22 (built 2011-08-17/18)
  • OXtender 2 for MS Outlook 7.0.23

You will find the complete Bug Fix-List in the Release Notes:

Installation of this PTF:
Please follow the instructions given at to install the updates.

Download & Installation of the OXtender 2 for Microsoft Outlook:

The new Open-Xchange OXtender 2 for Microsoft Outlook is available at the Open-Xchange Updater. You will find further information at

The new packages for manual installation can be found here:
OXtender 2 for Microsoft Outlook:
After the download of the package, you can start the installation by double-clicking on the package. On the first screen, you will see some information about the OXtender for Microsoft Outlook. Please follow the installation steps in the wizard. Please carefully read the license agreement for Open-Xchange.