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Thread: About Licences

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    Sep 2011

    Lightbulb About Licences

    Good Morning everybody,
    I'm planning to purchase OX with de graphical Administration Interface Univention (by the way if someone can tell me more about graphical admin UI, it'd be very kind). My only problem is that I can't understand Licenses.
    To buy OX online I get this :
    - OX6ASE-10 Open-Xchange Advanced Server Edition For Single Server Installation and 10 Named Users = $ 675.00
    What does 10 Named Users Means? does it mean that in first sight, I can create 10 users for "free" but after that I must buy an additional Named user each time I want to create un new additionnal e-mail account ???
    - OX6ASE-11 OX Additional Named User For 1 Named Users = $ 67.50
    It's really not what I want (that is one of the reasons I don't want to buy Microsoft Exchange.)
    What I need is to buy OX PERPETUALLY so that I'll be able to add and remove users the way I want without calculating Licenses.
    Can anybody help me understand.
    Thanks a lot

    Waly DIOUF
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