OX supports the extended search filter feature for contacts not only on mySQL databases but from now on on LDAP addressbooks, too. Due to the dynamic nature of LDAP, there is not one standard for contacts, but at least two major competing ones (inetOrgPerson and ActiveDirectory).

We introduce the new file mapping.ldap.properties which maps the names of contact fields to fields in LDAP address books. The default implementation is mapping inetOrgPerson. We provide an example for Active Directory, too, this is not enabled, though. If you need something custom instead, you will have to change the mappings yourself.

Note: The format of this property file is com.openexchange.contacts.ldap.mapping.-field-name = -equivalent

Two additional properties within the file are
com.openexchange.contacts.ldap.mapping.basedn.cont acts
com.openexchange.contacts.ldap.mapping.basedn.dist ributionlists
which point to the baseDN for contacts and distributionlists respectively.