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    Default HowTo clone OX (for testing) ?


    I'm currently trying to create a clone from our open-xchange installation.
    It's a virtual machine, therefore I simply did a backup, restored it to a different folder, change the name
    and restarted everything.
    The problem is now to adjust everything to the new NAME of the machine.
    I'll moved the name of the machine from ox6 -> ox6-test (with a different IP).
    I've also tried to adjust the sqldump to the new name of the machine and also
    all config files. Currently no context is found ...

    On the disk is a dump of the database before I rename everything.

    So: How can i restore everything under the new name of the machine.
    Currently no context is found ...

    I can also dump all information from the working machine ....

    There should be simply a test setup with identical configurations but different names.
    What's the best way to get it ?

    Just an according question:
    Is there a HowTo for a disaster recovery ? (What has do be saved, how to recover the data ...)

    Bye, Peer
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    Hi Peer,

    also make sure that the configuration at "configdb" is adjusted to the new IP. Otherwise it'll still use the address of the old database etc.



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