Open-Xchange releases Public Patch Release 2011-09-22 for OX6 v6.20

This Patch Release fixes bugs of Open-Xchange Server 6 v6.20 for all Open-Xchange Server Edition, Open-Xchange Hosting Edition, Open-Xchange Advanced Server Edition and Open-Xchange Server Edition for UCS, Open-Xchange Updater and Open-Xchange Mobile Web App. We encourage administrators of Open-Xchange 6 v6.20 to install this update. The Public Patch Release is available for all customers with a valid Open-Xchange license.

Patch Releases for OXtender 2 for MS Outlook and OXtender for Business Mobility will follow at a later time, likely at the end of September/beginning of October 2011

Open-Xchange provides with the Patch Release the following enhancements:
  • Messaging folders are available in non-expert mode as well
    Users can define various social messaging channels, to display their messages in the OX web interface. The messages can now be displayed in dedicated folders, differentiated by icons also at the non-expert mode as well
  • User can save multiple selected messages in one ZIP file to the desk
    User can save multiple selected messages in one shot. By choosing several or all of the available mails at the folder to be downloaded as one complete zip-file.
  • Translated Standard Folder
    With the new patch release, all standard system folders will be translated by changing the user interface language
  • New Reply-To feature
    Open-Xchange provides a new input field, which can be edited by the user, which is named "Reply-To" in the OX Mail compose window. Additional the user can configure one default Reply-To address in the settings menu for all email accounts. The Reply-To feature can be enabled or disabled for all users by using a UI configuration on the server side.
  • New Configuration settings (Branding)
    In certain cases it is necessary to change default configuration settings for the user interface. With the new Patch Release, administrators have the option to change settings like "Defines the path to the help page", "Defines the link used when send a direct link", etc. Further information at the release notes.
  • Performance Improvements
    With the new Patch Release, Open-Xchange provides significant performance improvements

Shipped Packages and Version:
  • Open-Xchange Server 6 (v6.20.0 Rev 27 built between 2011-09-19 an 2011-09-22)
  • Mobile Web App (Version: 1.0.0 Rev 11)
  • Open-Xchange Updater (Version: 6.18.9)

You will find the complete Bug Fix-List in the Release Notes:

Installation of this Patch Release:

Please follow the instructions given at to install the updates.