Open-Xchange releases Public Patch Release 2011-09-29 for OXtender for cPanel v1.0

This Patch Release fixes bugs and provides new features of Open-Xchange OXtender for cPanel v.1.0. We encourage administrators to install this update. The Release is available for all customers with a valid Open-Xchange license.

Features of new OXtender for cPanel version:
  • With the new release the permission "groupware_standard" is default permission when creating contexts
  • “CPUSER_CAN_SET_ADDON_DOMAIN_BEHAVIOUR=false” per default now
  • Module access combination is configurable via ox.conf
  • The context id is shown at the WHM Open-Xchange plug-in

Shipped Packages:
  • OXtender for cPanel 1.0.0 Rev 2

Software and Release Notes are available with a valid Open-Xchange Hosting Edition license:

Installation of this Patch Release:
Open-Xchange provides some information for your successful installation on a special Open-Xchange OXpedia website. Please follow the link: