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    ghosttalker Guest

    Default basic install completed - what now?


    I have installed OX and now i want to configure it. But i dont find any doku for that.

    My Problem is:
    I want to get emails from an external mailserver via pop3. Where can i configure the external mailserver and how can i route these emails to the local ox-accounts?

    How can i configure an external SMTP-Server where to send external email-adresses?

    greeez Pit

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    all those mailing stuff is related to the smtp software used (probably postifx) and not to the groupware itself. To get mails from external mailboxes, you may take a look at the "fetchmail" software.
    Configuration of external SMTP servers needs to be done at the external smtp server at your provider, maybe the providers offers automatic E-Mail forwarding. To receive E-Mail from the internet you need a domain name with a DNS MX entry and a static IP address in the optimal case. If you use a dynamic internet access (where the ip address changes) you may try services like dyndns.com or using fetchmail.

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    ghosttalker Guest

    Default thx

    thx a lot... it works fine!



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