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    Exclamation How do I send and recieve emails from my Open-Xchange email account using my Gmail?

    Explain your issue in full detail here:

    Hi I am trying to link my own Open-Xchange email account to Gmail. I want to send and recieve emails via this other account. I have managed to set things up so that I can send emails using my other address however I can't seem to set up my account so that I recieve email from that address.

    I have gotten as far as selecting the screen "Add a mail account you own" however when I input the information I recieve the following message:
    There was a problem connecting to mail@mail.com >
    Server returned error: "Connection refused

    Also what should I enter into the fields "POP Server" and "Port"? Information has been automatically added to these fields but I should be able to check these settings from my Open X-change account...shouldn't I?

    Operating system: Windows 7
    Program and version you use to access Gmail: Mozilla Firefox
    Your antivirus software: Kaspersky

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    please double-check all host and port information when adding additional accounts. You may also check the OX log file for a more detailed error message. I can't see a field "POP-Server" anywhere at this dialog. The default port for POP3 is 110.


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