Hi, I have some doubts for the best use of web-mail on OX.

- I have over 1000 emails on my imap-folder (dovecot 1.2)
- I'm searching a method to "catalog" my e-mail for future search
- I could create subfolders, but OX does not allow me to perform searches in subfolders (which, in theory, has its own logic as the "object electronic mail" is an "flat" object)
- what I prefer, instead of creating subfolders, would be able to "tag" my e-mail messages using the "categories" already present in OX (what I used for calendars, contacts, tasks and Infostore) and then use the category as a search key
- would be nice to set the "categories" directly through the filters (sieve) and "force" the filter for all message on my imap-folder

Will need to wait for the release of version 7 of OX ? :-P

any suggestions on some best-practices is welcome, thanks :-)