New package open-xchange-spamhandler-spamexperts


This plugin adds functionality to the Open-Xchange system to be logged into the external WEB UI without
authenticating a second time against the WEB UI.

Components within this plugin:

OX UI-Plugin:

The UI plugin extends the OX settings tree with a new subtree to access the Antispam management WEB UI of

OX Server-Plugin:

The Server plugin consists of 1 Servlet which can create an authticket for the currently active OX user by using the API and then sends the ticket back to the UI plugin which will do the redirect to the external management WEB UI.

Configuration file(s):



- Spamexperts API URL,
- Spamexperts API Adminuser/Password,
- Spamexperts WEB UI Base-URL,
- Servlet Mountpoint,
- Authentication attribute of OX user for use against the Spamexperts API