For testing purposes I have an OX-server "all-in-one" box. Authentication is done by using imap-login authentication. This works, as expected, for retrieving e-mails. What is failing, is the connection to the managesieve-backend:

"Error: Error in low level connection to sieve server undefined at port undefined (MAIL_FILTER-0014,1959001705-48)"

I _presume_ there is an issue concerning the SSL certificates. We are using certificates signed by an authority, which is not Verisign, anyhow, there are installed certificates in /etc/pki/CA/certs, as openssl.cnf
is expecting them to be there. But as far as I remember, Java has its own keystores.

I did not find any hint as where this keystore is to be found, so I would be able to store our Root-CA
and check, if this could solve my problem.

Any hints for me?
Many thanks in advance