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    Default Best app for Blackberry?

    I have downloaded the Astrasync app on my Blackberry 9900, and I cant get it to sync anything other than my 'default' contacts, it ignores public contact folders and even the global contact folder.

    OX server version 6.20.1. Astrasync version 4.2.27.

    Are there any better apps around? Or do anyone have any tips&tricks to get it to work. The OX server settings works just fine on Outlook and other mobile units (Iphone, Ipad, Android) ...

    My phone: Blackberry 9900, OS 7 (v7.0.0.585)
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    Hi mathiasholm, i already buy the same cellphone like you a Blackberry 9900 but my problem is different, i can't synchronize my blackberry with my computer so i can't get mail and contact. If someone have an answer, i will appreciated
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