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    Default Error Bad request internet explorer 9 ?

    The browser internet explorer indicates error Bad request while in mozilla firefox and the others browsers there is no error, how correct this error which is the worst kind it is not serious, what is the solution ?
    Thank you for your answer I would say that it is not a criticism but I 'm just looking for a solution to this problem.
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    In quite some cases we found that virus scanners can cause that error.
    It also would explain why it fails for IE but not for other browsers (which are not using the Microsoft DLLs for internet access but use their own).
    There are virus scanners which replace the original DLL to analyse data packets where even disabling the scanner does not help but the whole software needs to be removed to get back the original Windows DLL.
    Please check that first and let us know.

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    Default following message

    I want to thank you for your answer, but I don't think so, I've tested it with the original dll and the problem still remains on all the versions of internet explorer.It is completely unusual I need more informations to solve this problem.


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