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    Default Centralized user authentication for OX, Postfix, Dovecot

    I am still very new to OX, and I am trying to find out if this a problem that has already been solved, and haven't had much luck yet, having checked the wiki and Googled.

    How does one centralize the "user database" so that I only need to create users in one place for postfix (smtp auth), dovecot, and open-xchange? Preferably in a way that allows users to change their own password?

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    There are several methods to reach the goal.

    The one I use is an "out-of-the-box" installation of Ubuntu with postfix and Dovecot, which also use the default auth-method.

    If you setup ox with imap-authentication, you've got it. Changing the Linux-password leads to changed PW's for Dovecot and ox also.

    It is also possible to extend the system, in order to change the PW via (Windows-) client, using the samba-features.

    Another way, to solve your problem is the usage of ldap for authetification purposes.

    I hope, this helps.
    Viele Gre

    OS: Ubuntu Server amd64 16.4 LTS
    JRE: openjdk-8-jre, MySQL 5.7, Apache 2.4, Dovecot 2.2.22
    OX-Server backend: OXSE latest
    OX-frontend: OXSE latest appsuite + ox6

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    In addition let me bring up the following:

    For password authentication you have many solutions as it was mentioned in the post before.
    This does not solve the problem that users have to be added and managed within the Open-Xchange system. Let me give some examples what you could do about it:

    - use LDAP for user management and use oxldapsync to synchronize userdata between LDAP and OX
    - it's basically possible to configure postfix and dovecot to use the Open-Xchange database for user information
    (but probably not straightforward (user data is according to your setup spread over different databases in OX)).
    - create a tool for yourself to add and remove users in different places (including a user interface for password changes)
    (that's not really centralized user database but centralized administration if that is enough)


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