I've install an ox server withour any problem.

As i want to try thunderbird synchronisation, i've installed Lightning 1.3 (thunderbird is v 11.0) and alos installed OXtender4Thunderbird v

I've enter parameter for the ox server and test connection well.

After that i have create a new calendar with http://my.ox.server/servlet/webdav.ical for locatoin.

The apache web server at my.ox.server send me authentification request, and when i log in i get ox events in the Ligthning calandar. I also see the tasks created in ox.

The problem is when i want to create or modifiy an event in Lightning. I get an error telling me MODIFICATION_FAILED.

After taking a look at the server side, i see that the apache server reply with a 405 (method not allowed) http code to the PUT HTTP command send by thunderbird.

I've try many configuration (at vhost and proxy level) with apache, but i always get the 405 http error code.

Can anybody tell me where to modify the apache configuration to have this work ?

Many thanks for responses.

Best regards,

Alain Deseine.