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    May 2012

    Default CentOS: IMAPS Unable to establish a connection to the email server

    New installation here (on CentOS6.2): I am getting a "Unable to establish a connection to the email server" message on the top right hand hover box upon OX login.

    I followed these to installations to the letter:

    1. http://wiki.centos.org/HowTos/postfix
    2. http://oxpedia.org/wiki/index.php?ti...uide_for_RHEL6 (but added the [ox-centos] bit to ox.repo)

    postfix and dovecot are tested as working perfectly and this server sends and receives mail well via outlook and also telnet "hand testing".

    I have installed open-Xchange and I am still unable to establish a connection to the email server. I have to say that I am pretty sure I know what the problem is. On my Dovecot server I have IMAPS (port 993) enabled and I am pretty sure Open-Xchange can work that out - where do I tell open-xchange what my settings are?

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    One is clear after seeing the forum (almost no activity), the twitter, the scope of Open-Xchange. Charging for support and licensing (that if, putting the writing on the OpenSource for advertising)

    Like you, I see many things. Years sofwtare reading and installing servers, and I had never encountered anything so hard to do.


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