Open-Xchange discontinues support of migration tools OX5 to OXSE

As a valued customer, staying up to date on migrations from early versions of Open-Xchange is important. We wish to inform you that development of migration tools for Open-Xchange Server 5 to Open-Xchange Server Edition are being discontinued. In addition, we are discontinuing support and maintenance for the OX5 to OX SE migration tools.

To ensure synchronization between Open-Xchange Server 5 and Open-Xchange Server 6 or migration to the latest version of Open-Xchange Advanced Server Edition, please contact us for further information:

OX5 and OX6 are built on different architectures, different feature sets and different data properties. Each migration is different and depends on a broad variety of conditions, that are not under Open-Xchange's control, like previously installed versions, installed add-ons, or connected 3rd party systems. Therefore, Open-Xchange does not guarantee a 100% migration of all data and permissions.

For further information, please contact us at