Below this line you'll find the content of with the documented configuration values specific to the bundle from the package open-xchange-grizzly.


# This file configures the requestwatcher contained in the package
# open-xchange-grizzly. The requestwatcher keeps track of incoming requests and
# periodically checks the age of the currently processing requests. If a request
# exceeds the configured maximum age, infos about the request and its processing
# thread are logged either into the configured logfiles or syslog depending on
# your configuration. After logging the infos the processing of the stalled
# request will be interrupted.

# Enable/disable the requestwatcher and deployment of request reporting
# ServletFilter into the grizzly server. Default value: true (enabled).
com.openexchange.http.requestwatcher.isEnabled: true

# Define the requestwatcher's frequency in milliseconds. Default value: 30000.
com.openexchange.http.requestwatcher.frequency: 30000

# Define the maximum allowed age of requests in milliseconds. Default value:
# 60000.
com.openexchange.http.requestwatcher.maxRequestAge : 60000