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    Default Mirror IMAP folders

    I have a question regarding mirroring IMAP folders using openXchange.
    I will probably be able to answer my own question once the downloads finish, but in the mean time, I wanted to get the opinion of this community.

    Our current setup is as follows:

    our company smartphones (a mix of iPhones and blackberrys) connect to our cloud email host and receive their email.
    if the cloud company goes down as well as a device is lost, we are screwed.

    We do have a server in the office for backups.
    I would like to use this software to mirror/backup the imap folders for each of these accounts. I assume that as long as I setup the email properly on the blackberrys, all info like read, flag, delete, etc would be mirrored to the cloud server and therefore the accounts on open Xchange?

    I apologize in advance if this has been answered in the forums. I find forum search forms to be unruly.

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    Not sure if I understand the question completely.
    You posted under Hosting and Server Edition. That means that there is no IMAP server in the product. Open-Xchange accesses an IMAP server as any other mail client and does not copy any data. If you want to mirror from one IMAP server to another one Open-Xchange Hosting or Server Edition will not really help you with that directly.



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