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    Default "Get all tasks" generates error_params for all ids >= 207

    Dear OX team,

    I am developing a small tool that extracts all tasks of a folder. For this I use the HTTP API. I query "GET /ajax/tasks?action=all" and it works great as long as column ids requested are smaller than 207. If I use an id larger than 207 I get an error message of this kind:
    {"error_params":[207],"category":8,"error":"Unknown task attribute %d.","code":"TSK-0020","error_id":"-1626475046-6004044"}

    From the HTTP API documentation I know that "column identifiers for tasks are defined in Common object data, Detailed task and appointment data and Detailed task data". The ids of Detailed task and appointment data are in the range of 200 till 229.

    I tried this with OX 6.20.6-Rev3 and 6.20.5-Rev1. Both behave the same.

    So what do I miss? Could you please provide me any hind?

    Thanks in advance for your help!


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    Sorry, fields 207, 208, 210 and 211 are calendar-specific, similar to field 206. I've fixed the HTTP API.

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    Cheers, Thanks!


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