I have recently upgraded my 1and1 email account to MailXchange. I dowloaded the latest MXUpdater and installed it as instructed. Created a new outlook profile and MAPI account and waited for the emails to syncronize. After some time (days) I have noticed that some of the emails get synchronized but some of the older ones and the subfolders do not.
Is there a setting that ensures all old emails are also synchronized with MS Outlook?
Some of the subfolders have subfolders below them to 4-5 levels (my mailbox is very large ~2GB), would this affect the synchronization in any way?
I have also set up my iphone to use this account and have set it to download all emails. If I click on a folder the emails are downloaded to my phone even though they are not visible in MS Outlook?!
I hope someone can tell me where I'm going wrong?!