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    Oct 2012

    Default General performance of OX for MS Outlook

    Hi all
    We have been using OXtender 2 for about two months now, and the experience is very, very disappointing:
    • E-mails are often delayed for minutes, often for hours
    • E-Mails are deleted, and a few minutes later, they are downloaded again. I have hundreds of e-mails in my inbox. Very annoying.
    • When confirming outlook meeting invitations, OXtender sends very strangely worded messages to the meeting organiser. In my case, they are usually my clients. Very annoying, too.

    overall, we will most likely go back to pop and smtp...

    Are we the only ones with this kind of expericence?

    Chris K.

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    Nov 2009



    no, you are not alone. After more than one year frustrating about OXTender we have decided to migrate to most spread Groupware system in big companies (from MS...). Hopefully we are finished by end of this year.


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