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    Default Migrate from Community Edition to Server Edition

    I'm running an OX Server CE 6.14.0 Rev6 and We would like to switch to the SE Edition.

    Given the fact that I've about 300 users using the system I need to migrate the data from CE to SE.
    Is this possible? There is a doc somewere explaining this procedure?

    Thank you

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    The software of CE and SE is identical. SE has more available modules for which you need customer access though.
    So a migration from CE to SE is basically to have the system running on a supported platform and do the needed updates to a recent version. No migration is needed but the upgrade from 6.14 to the current 6.22.1 version can be a bit rough.
    It might make sense to install the new version separately in parallel transfer the needed configuration and data (like filestore).
    Afterwards clone the database and test the new system (which will run update tasks on the database) and see how it works.

    That keeps your existing system alive and if the upgrade process works you can switch over.


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