- New folder for configuration files
A new folder named hazelcast is created that contains the configuration for distributed data structures like maps and queues.

- New configuration files
In the hazelcast configuration folder, a new properties file named sessions.properties is created that contains initialization data for the distributed sessions map. Others will follow in the future.

- Removed configuration files
The previous configuration file sessionstorage_hazelcast.properties is removed since it is obsolete with the new map configuration. Two previously available configuration values are migrated to the corresponding properties in sessions.properties in the hazelcast subfolder:
com.openexchange.sessionstorage.hazelcast.map.back upcount -> com.openexchange.hazelcast.configuration.map.backu pCount
com.openexchange.sessionstorage.hazelcast.map.asyn cbackup -> com.openexchange.hazelcast.configuration.map.async BackupCount