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    Default OX7 webinterface no connection


    I was just installing OX App Suite on a clean Debian 6 x64 according to the install manual (http://oxpedia.org/wiki/index.php?ti...for_Debian_6.0). I deviated only slightly from the manual as I want OX to be accessible only via subdomain e.g. ox.domain.tld. I changed the apache2 site entry to /var/www/appsuite as Document Root for ox.domain.tld.

    When I visit ox.domain.tld the website shows a "Connection error. The service is not available right now".

    I successfully created a configdb, initiated the oxserver, set up a filestore and registered a database. I already verified filestore and database with the command line tools. They do exist and have IDs 2 and 3. The MySQL root does not have any password, but i re-checked, removed the ox database and created a new one which now has ID 5.

    I checked with this help (http://knowledgebase.open-xchange.co...eshooting.html). The command does report, that a connection is established with ID5 "oxdatabase". However I am not able to connect to the oxdatabase with command "mysql -h -U openexchange -p oxdatabase" as it reports no "oxdatabase" does exist (which is correct, as no SQL DB oxdatabase does exist).

    Creating a context and a test user did work as well.

    I would appreciate it, if you got any idea where I might went wrong.



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    Hi Andy,

    is there any indication at the OX log file? Sounds like the UI is unable to contact the backend which may be caused by deviating from the installation guide. Tools like Firebug will show what request does not succeed.

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