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    Question Bug printing a month calendar view


    I've been contacted by one of our mutual customers about a bug in calendar printing. When displaying a month view, selecting "print" will leave out the last day, e.g. Jan 31st, Feb. 28th '13, March 31st, as well as Feb 29th '12

    I was able to confirm this misbehavior in different customer installations in versions 6.20.6 Rev4, 6.20.7 Rev2 and 6.22.1 (Rev 7/8), so it seems to have gone unnoticed for quite a while ... seems to say a lot about how much this feature is used, though ...

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    Thanks for noticing. If you'd like to get this fixed with one of the next releases, please contact our support team. Note that printing depends on the backend rather than the frontend so UI updates won't break or fix it.

    With 7.2 i can confirm, that the last day is greyed out by accident, however its content is correctly shown.

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