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    user001 Guest

    Default Migration from OX 0.8.5 to OX Hyperion

    It is posible to migrate with 2 Machine from old OX to new OX?

    Old OX is running Postgresql
    New OX is running Mysql

    LDAP is not a problem to migrate with slurpd


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    Joerg Braukhoff Guest



    by now there is no real migration path.
    The only solution to cover this would be syncing the OX5 Server to Outlook using the OX5 OXTender for Outlook, then deinstall the OX5 OXTender, after that install OX6 OXTender and sync Outlook to the OX6 Server.

    Last edited by Rene Stach; 11-02-2007 at 05:10 PM.


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