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    Default list of synced/corresponding fields in contacts?

    hi there,

    i'm new to open xchange and try to find a reliable way to sync contacts and calendar between thunderbird, open xchange, iphone and android.

    so far i get everything to sync, even with multiple subfolders in calendar and contacts but i have a hard time finding out which input fields of my thunderbird contacts sync with open xchange.

    maybe there's an overview about the corresponding fields available?

    what i really miss is the category sync of the contacts. there's an option for it both in OX and Tbird but they don't seem to interact wit each other. it would be nice to use for project association etc. and can be read by ios and android (via touchdown).

    hope someone can push me in the right direction. thanks in advance

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    i just noticed, that the category field is a feature of the "addMoreFunctionsForAddressBook" addon in tbird. still think this is the most important field for dealing with many contacts by filtering, ordering etc.

    maybe it's possible to use features of other addons as well?


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