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    Default Authenticate against OpenXchange Database


    I'm trying to authenticate a newly installed Dokuwiki against the OpenXchange database using the dokuwiki acl feature. Unfortunately I'm always getting an access denied. Is there a way to check the password manually? For debugging purposes for instance? User table is saying that the password should be sha encrypted, but when I try
    select * from user where userPassword=sha('myPassword');
    I'm not getting the corresponding user. At the moment I've no Idea on how to check the PW against this table, and would be thankful if someone could give me a hint.


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    We are also authenticating against the ox mysql database. The hash is indeed sha. We did construct the following sql statement:
    SELECT uid as user, userPassword as password \
    FROM user u \
    INNER JOIN login2user l \
    on u.id = l.id \
    WHERE uid = '%n';

    I realize this is the other way around (get password for user instead of get user for password) but I hope this is any help.


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