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    Default Login result: New parameter context_id: Software or Documentation Bug?

    Dear OX hackers,

    I just encountered a strange behavior I assume it is a bug. If I call Login (POST /ajax/login?action=login from the ox.io backend (Server version 7.2.0 Rev 4) I receive the following json string:
    {"context_id":11196772,"session":"20f7b24e04f14c84 953cee679d751053","locale":"de_DE","random":"e2a11 80d9746467c89d7f3ec7e4a4ca5","user_id":3,"user":"w p11196772-mobil"}

    The problem occurs from the context_id field. In the HTTP API documentation (http://oxpedia.org/wiki/index.php?title=HTTP_API) there is no context_id field. Is this a software or a documentation bug?

    I recognized that the HTTP API documentation is not updated for a while. A previous bug I encountered was also related to missing documentation updates. This makes using the HTTP API quite cumbersome. :-(

    Best regards,

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    No, this is not a bug. There are many experimental and therefore undocumented fields. Why are additional fields in a JSON object a problem for you?

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    Hi Viktor,

    thanks for your reply.

    While parsing JSON objects I am quite restrictive in a way that I do not tolerate new fields. This helps me making my java library quite robust. However, since OX started adding new fields without documenting them this hits my strategy. So, I assume I have to adjust my strategy ...

    Thanks again.


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