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    Default Can't login to any context but defaultcontext

    Ok so I have setup context 1 using defaultcontext. The accounts under context 1 login with no issues.
    I have also created a context 2 using-L metalbone. None of the accounts under context2 can login.
    Same goes for any additional context.

    I have looked around and found a post with a similar issue but its on community edition. But I imagine its going to be close to the same answer. Except I cannot find any setting in the files close to what he is referring to.


    I am on App Suite 7.2.1 Rev 3.

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    Never fails. Spend an hour looking for the answer and then post, then 30 seconds after posting find the answer.

    Anyways for those following with the same question or issue:

    When you setup up the additional context's it makes it easier is you use -L domain.com. I would also recommend making their -u (username) the same as the email address. For instance -u george -L domain.com. When the users in the additional context's long in they must login with their username and the context name. So doing as i explained they would login with george@domain.com. Essentially its their email address and easy for them to remember instead of george@domain or george@123 (context ID)

    I hope this helps in the future. I might be beneficial to have something like this in the documentation as well somewhere.

    Someone may be able to write my explanation better as well.

    In order for the users in the additional context's to login they must use their


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