Offer optional for ConfigDB's schema name if it differs from default naming if configdb.

Usage: restorecontext
-h,--help Prints a help text
--environment Show info about commandline environment
--nonl Remove all newlines (\n) from output
-c,--contextid <contextid> * The id of the context
-A,--adminuser <adminuser> ? Admin username
-P,--adminpass <adminpass> ? Admin password
-f,--filename <filename> * Comma-separated list of filenames with full path
-n,--dry-run Activate this option if do not want to apply the changes to the database
-d,--configdb <configdb> (Optional) The name of the ConfigDB schema. If not set, ConfigDB name is determined by writeUrl property in file

Entries marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.
Entries marked with an question mark (?) are mandatory depending on your
Entries marked with a pipe (|) are mandatory for one another which means that
at least one of them must be set.