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    Default Problems with firefox after OX 7.2.1 -> 7.2.2 upgrade


    last night I updated ox to 7.2.2 (community edition). Since then I experience strange behavior in the web interface. Most notably firefox (v. 22) is unable to get a folder listing of the email account yielding the error message:
    function: folder.get
    categories: "USER_INPUT"
    category: 1
    code: "ACC-0002"
    error: "Cannot find mail accoun...or user 5 in context 1."
    error_id: "-1467379636-7650"
    error_params: [9, 5, 1]

    However, firefox does show the INBOX. If I try the same with google chrome I get a folder listing. I did purge every cache I could find in both firefox and chrome.

    Can somebody confirm this behavior or is this a problem on my end?


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    Ok, strike this. The issue has been resolved.


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