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    Question Application Launcher Icon missing since update to 7.2.2

    I'm currently evaluating the community edition of OX App Suite. I started with a base setup of v7.2.1 and everything worked fine. Since I updated to the latest v7.2.2 relase (UI rev 7, Server rev 9) the Application Launcher icon is missing from the menu bar of the App Suite web interface. (btw. I notice the App Launcher icon is also missing in the test drive at ox.io which runs the same release I have - Is it a bug or feature?).

    According to section 4.1 of the "Feature Overview" document for v7.2.2, Open-Xchange provides the possibility to hide the application launcher in the OX App Suite web interface. So, I thought that possibly the Launcher had been disabled somehow during update. Unfortunately, I cannot find any information about enabling/disabling the application launcher.

    === Update ===
    Sorry for not recognizing a previous post on the same matter, i.e., "Button left of "Portal" (Your applications) gone in 7.2.2". The reply on that post is suggesting the launcher has been removed completely. However, the release document (see above) is suggesting that the feature is still there and can be enabled/disabled. I am confused now.

    Any idea, what's wrong?

    Many thanks in advance.

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