Initially we used float as data type for costs. Floats get rounding issues with values above 130, 000.00 or below -130, 000.00. Therefore we limited allowed values to this range. This is uncomfortable if you want to use higher values for task costs.

The attributes actual costs and target costs of tasks store now exact monetary values in the range -9999999999.99 and 9999999999.99. The values are transfered in JSON as before - the format itself does not change at all - but be prepared that now much higher values can be used.

This may break HTTP JSON API clients if parsing the value is done into language specific data types not able to store such values in an exact way. IEEE 754 single and double precision floats are not able to store exact values. E.g for Java the correct language specific data type is java.math.BigDecimal.

Please verify clients if they use the attributes actual and target costs of tasks and if their values are treated appropriately.