Added option to 'changeaccessglobal' CLI to specify those permissions that are supposed to be globally changed by an access-combination name.

Usage: changeaccessglobal
-h,--help Prints a help text
--environment Show info about commandline environment
--nonl Remove all newlines (\n) from output
-A,--adminmaster <adminmaster> ? The name of the admin master
-P,--adminmasterpass <adminmasterpass> ? The password of the admin master
-f,--filter <filter> The call will only affect users with this access combination. Can be an Integer or a String, representing a module access definition. If left out, all users will be changed.
-a,--access-combination-name <access-combination-name> The optional access combination name as replacement for specifying single permissions to enable/disable.

Entries marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.
Entries marked with an question mark (?) are mandatory depending on your
Entries marked with a pipe (|) are mandatory for one another which means that
at least one of them must be set.