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    Question Fetch a users used MB & remaining MB outside the interface.

    Hi there

    Take the OX disk space bar:


    We would like to grab these values centrally (for all our users) so we can raise alerts and email the relevant people in regards to deleting emails & so on.

    So far we've tried using php's built in imap tools - these always return sizes far different to the bar. We've also tried grabbing the file size of the users /home/username/mail/ dir - but again, for several users this can be 100% larger than what the bar indicates.

    What we need is the bars exact figures, we dont mind writing something to grab these values from http, sql or file sources - any ideas?

    Please advise.



    Edit: I should add that our OX instance is sat on postfix & dovecot & we have no idea at what level the 200MB "limit" is set?
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    The quota you are seeing is configured somewhere in your Dovecot. The values can be read using the IMAP protocol (if there is any library which can help you with that I don't know).
    You could also read the data from the Open-Xchange http api if you have or create a valid session for the user with the following api: (this is what the frontend is using to display the data)

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