For security reasons all not explicitely required columns within all del_* tables will get the value NULL or '' if the column is defined as NOT NULL. That means all existing and new entries will be affected by this change!

This is preparatory work for deleting the described columns in a later release.

Have a look at the details of the changes below:

Update task: com.openexchange.groupware.update.tasks.ContactCle arDelTablesTasks

table: del_contacts
columns affected: timestampfield01, timestampfield02, intfield02, intfield03, intfield04, intfield05, intfield06, intfield07, intfield08, field01, field02, field03, field04, field05, field06, field07, field08, field09, field10, field11, field12, field13, field14, field15, field16, field17, field18, field19, field20, field21, field22, field23, field24, field25, field26, field27, field28, field29, field30, field31, field32, field33, field34, field35, field36, field37, field38, field39, field40, field41, field42, field43, field44, field45, field46, field47, field48, field49, field50, field51, field52, field53, field54, field55, field56, field57, field58, field59, field60, field61, field62, field63, field64, field65, field66, field67, field68, field69, field70, field71, field72, field73, field74, field75, field76, field77, field78, field79, field80, field81, field82, field83, field84, field85, field86, field87, field88, field89, field90, useCount, yomiFirstName, yomiLastName, yomiCompany, homeAddress, businessAddress, otherAddress

table: del_contacts_image
columns affected: all columns

table: del_dlist
columns affected: all columns

Update task: com.openexchange.groupware.update.tasks.TaskClearD elTablesTasks

table: del_task
columns affected: start, end, completed, title, description, state, priority, progress, categories, project, target_duration, actual_duration, target_costs, actual_costs, currency, trip_meter, billing, companies, color_label, recurrence_interval, recurrence_days, recurrence_dayinmonth, recurrence_month, recurrence_until, recurrence_count

Update task: com.openexchange.groupware.update.tasks.Appointmen tClearDelTablesTasks

table: del_dates
columns affected: timestampfield01, timestampfield02, timezone, intfield03, intfield04, intfield05, intfield06, intfield07, intfield08, field01, field02, field04, field06, field07, field08, field09, organizer, sequence, organizerId, principal, principalId

Update task: com.openexchange.groupware.update.tasks.UserClearD elTablesTask

table: del_user
columns affected: imapServer, imapLogin, mail, mailEnabled, mailDomain, preferredLanguage, shadowLastChange, smtpServer, timeZone, userPassword, passwordMech, homeDirectory, loginShell

Update task: com.openexchange.groupware.update.tasks.ResourceCl earDelTablesTask

table: del_resource
columns affected: identifier, displayName, mail, available, description

Update task: com.openexchange.groupware.update.tasks.InfostoreC learDelTablesTask

table: del_infostore_document
columns affected: title, url, description, categories, filename, file_store_location, file_size, file_mimetype, file_md5sum, file_version_comment

Update task: com.openexchange.groupware.update.tasks.FolderClea rDelTablesTasks

table: del_oxfolder_tree
columns affected: fname

table: virtualBackupTree
columns affected: name