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    Oct 2013

    Default Problem with OpenXchange + IMAP/SMTP Server

    mother language is german, but i'll write in english to reach more people who hopefully can help me

    hi guys, i need help.

    at first i have to say, thats my first project in linux.
    its a project for school and i chose an exchange server, but now i got stuck.

    installation of ox went great, i can login etc.
    but now i have to configure my local mail servers.

    for imap i installed Cyrus
    SMTP i used Postfix

    i created imap users and created a mailbox.
    also created user for ox with the settings of my local mailservers..

    but after the login, it shows the mail module doesnt work.

    inside the ox web interface in settings --> mail accounts if i add another account / connection with the previous data, it says connection ok...

    can anybody help me get this baby running?

    which settings are relevant?

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    Oct 2013


    Ok, got the correct setup, mails can be send and received local, when my school project finished, i will post the whole config step by step as a documentation for all the people who also have problems..

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    Oct 2013


    I am having a liitle trouble configuring a right imap/postfix deployment for a test lab.

    When you got that config step i will be happy to read it


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