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Thread: Signatures gone

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    Default Signatures gone

    After running OX Appsuite for sometime the signatures sometimes suddenly disapear. This happens (seemingly ?) at random and after some random amount of time (hours, days) they sometimes reappear again. When they disappear they no longer get inserted in mails and when browsing to the "Settings" -> "Mail" screen it just shows an empty list.

    When a new mail is created when the signatures are gone the attached stacktrace is visible in the logs (same stack trace appears when browsing to the "Settings" -> "Mail" screen).

    The signature contains some simple HTML.

    From my (limited) experience with the JavaMail API this means the mail simply isn't a multipart mail. Oddly enough a check is done in MimeSnippetManagement before the cast to check if it really is a multipart message. Yet JavaMail still isn't statisfied apparently?
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    Do you run a single instance system or a cluster of OX?
    The only thing which comes to my mind is that the signatures are stored in the filestore and if you have multiple application servers but no shared storage as a filestore the signatures disappear when you end up on the other system.
    I haven't seen such a behaviour in general.

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    Hi Wolfgang,

    No, it's just a simple single instance system. But I don't understand how the JavaMail exception is related to the filestore? I'm no expert but from what I can tell the signatures seem to be stored in the DB?


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