In order to get access to the results of other documentconverter nodes, a node must be aware of the location of other converter cache hosts. For this purpose, a new property has been added to the configuration file:

com.openexchange.documentconverter.RemoteCacheUrls =http://host1[ort]/documentconverterCachePath [http://host2[ort]/documentconverterCachePath ...]

Note: host cache Urls are white space separated

If a conversion is requested on one node, the local cache is first searched for an appropriate result. By adding one or more configured cache hosts to this property, each entry of of this property is tried to obtain a conversion result from, if no local cache result can be be found.

If a result can be obtained from any of the remote cache hosts, the result is also added to the local cache.

If no result could be obtained from any of the remote cache hosts, a local conversion is performed and the result is added to the local cache as well as to the first (!) configured remote cache host, acting as a master cache host.

In order for a documentconverter to act as a remote cache host, the documentconverter-webservice package needs to be installed in addition to the documentconverter package.

The web service itself is registered at the local (OX backend based) web server with the following path: