Java Util or Log4J logging frameworks are replaced with Logback.

Logback needs configuration written in XML. For migrating additional logger level configurations from either Java Util or Log4J logging framework configuration files new command line tools are necessary to accomplish this task during package upgrade.

Four additional CLTs have been added to realize the migration of the logging configuration:

1. extractLog4JModifications reads the Log4J XML configuration file log4j.xml and extracts additionally configured logger levels. This CLT writes these extracts as Java Util logging configuration properties.

2. extractJULModifications reads the Java Util logging configuration file and extracts additionally configured logger levels. The output format of this CLT is the same as the input format, the CLT just extracts additionally configured logger levels.

3. convertJUL2Logback converts logger levels defined in Java Util logging configuration properties format and converts that to logger levels in Logback XML configuration file format.

4. xmlModifier is a general CLT that allows to modify XML configuration files. In this specific case it reads the Logback XML configuration file and adds into that file the additional logger levels written with the convertJUL2Logback CLT. Later this tool can be easily extended with further CLT options to do other modifications on XML configuration files.