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    Question Appointment notifications delayed by 10 minutes


    in our setup email notifications on new appointments are sent reasonably fast. However, if a user accepts or declines the appointment, the notification email for the creator is delayed by 10 to 11 minutes.
    (As a reference, the virtual appliance provided by Open Xchange shows the same behaviour.)

    This does not meet our users' expectations nor is it useful when testing.

    After changing the parameter jcs.region.CalendarCache.elementattributes.MaxLife Seconds in cache.ccf notification emails are sent with less delay - sometimes. After some time the mails are again delayed by 10 to 11 minutes.

    How can this behaviour be changed permanently?
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    I wrote therefore to open-xchange.
    Their statement was that the notifications on appointments are deliberately sent by the system later,
    because the user do often change the new created appointments - to prevent multiple sending of the notification-mails - the system send it much later and it contains the information of the last stand of the appointment.
    Our user are also very unhappy with this solution.


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