i successfully have migrated OX 0.8.4 Hymalia (2005) to OX AppSuite 7.4.1-5 with OX 6.22 GUI

After migrating mails, contacts and dates everything works fine except calendar printing button and advances search in contacts

Under calendar the printing icon is shown in a very bright grey and gets highlighted after clicking on it. But there is no function behind it. Nothing happens.

Same with searchbar under contacts. the gear-wheel icon in the searchbar is clickable but not working.

I have tested this behavior with IE (latest Version), Chrome (latest Version), Firefox (latest Version), Opera (latest Version).
Exact same behavion in all four browsers.

I have checked default logging and nothing was found.

after all i have checked the page with developer tools and found out that the item class for printig is ' class="disabled" '
and for contacts nothing like this was found.

can anybody relate to this behavior? Is this a misconfiguration fault?

best regards