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    sulung Guest

    Default Linking and Help link problem

    I try to link one of my task to one of my appointment as follows:
    1. I choose a task and click Start Linking.
    2. Then I choose an appointment and click Close Linking
    3. It shows "Link established"
    4. But what's next? I'm upset because Go to or even Remove Linking is still disabled? If so, what Linking use for? #-o

    Another question, how to activate Help in OX?
    In my basic installation (follows the hyperion wiki), it always shows:
    "Not Found
    The requested URL /ox6/help/us was not found on this server."
    every time I click the Help button.

    I think hyperion is a good stuff but very minim in documentation especially on user guide.

    Thanks for reply.

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    Feb 2007



    if you select the appointment and click "Close", the link is already established. A object can have one or more links to other objects. Those links can be found at the detail view of the specific object. Note that you are able to select a link if the object is linked to or by other object's. The "follow link" or "remove" functionality is only available at the detail view in "Linking" tab.

    The documentation is part of the commercial editions of open-xchange.



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