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    nixon7606 Guest

    Default HTML Signatures and ispell and IE

    I am running Build: OPEN-XCHANGE 5083 (hymalia)
    I am having issues with html email signature and ispell and webmail.

    Does anyone use a html signature with OX webmail? I have tried 4 different ways to make this signature with no luck.

    I have tried to use Tables in signature for formating purposes. Spell check breaks format of table and inserts 4 breaks (< br >) above the table?

    Same problem happens if we use paragraph tag instead of tables.

    This problem is only in IE 6 and 7
    Firefox works perfectly.

    Any help would be greatly apreciated

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    ole Guest



    is a problem with the internet explorer rendering.If You have an image in your signature,convert it to base64 and try it again.


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