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    kt1040 Guest

    Default newby question: how to connect kontact to OX

    After searching a while I now surrender and ask.

    I'iv installed OX with the community insrtallation script in a debian box, and it does run fine, I can do simple anything I expected with the webclient (only https is not ready at the moment, this is work to be done later). Now I wanted to connect my email-Clients. I use kontact and would like to use:

    1. Mail, should work via IMAP (IMAPS?)
    2. Contacts, no idea, no HowTo found.
    3. Calendar, no idea, no HowTo found
    4. Public Folders, also no idea

    May be I'm blind or did not search for the right keywords.

    Hoping for help to switch from to OX. The webclient looks very nice and SyncML via Funambol is also a big pro to OX.

    Thanks for help


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    mail works just as every ordinary mailserver, OX uses cyrus and postfix by default, ssl encrypted links can be configured separately for these services as well as for http. AFAIK Kontact offers a webdav/ical and webdav/vcard interface which can be used in combination with our ical/vcard implementation but i know it's not complete nor extensively tested. For example:


    Hope that helps


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