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    Feb 2014

    Default print mail missing attachment-list

    Hi there,

    Version der Benutzeroberfläche: 7.4.2 Rev13
    Server-Version: 7.4.2-Rev16

    i am printing a mail with attachments, but there i nothing about the attachments on the print.

    i found /var/www/appsuite/print.html. there are things like element.from or element.to and element.content. I tried element.attachment or element.attachment-list but it says "undefined" in the print.

    is there a way to add a list of the attachments or something like "Mail has attachments" to the print??


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    Feb 2014


    hi there,

    found a way:

    in /opt/open-xchange/appsuite/apps/io.ox/mail/print.js add
    attachments: (a.attachments.length>1 ? 'this e-mail has attachments!' : ''), to the function j(a).

    in /var/www/appsuite/print.html add somewhere in the class="mail-html" script following: <div>{{= element.attachments }}</div>

    thanks anyway
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