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    Default What is the suggested method to 'Journal' copies of mail to an Archive?

    We are looking to archive all mail that is flowing (e.g. as it traverses the transport / delivery stack) to and from all or specific accounts in OX. This is known a 'Journaling'.

    The format of these Journal Copies of each email must include the BCC recipient data, and hopefully any 'final' email addressing information [i.e. after any re-routing and group address expansion].

    This is for a compliance purpose.

    If this is not possible, then what is the current suggested method to flow mail to an archive? [Assume that the archive is just a single smtp endpoint email address]

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    This sounds like you need to hook that functionality into MTA or MDA. As Open-Xchange itself does not contain that functionality but relies on external software doing this (OX is just like any other IMAP client in that case), I'd have to point you to information resources for those components you are using.

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