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    Default Receiving Junk Mail

    Hi All,

    Please help, I'm getting a lot of email from Support@update.co.uk and message@tax.co.uk which are both Junk mails, but is there anyway of putting these automatically in a junk folder so i don't see them.
    I can do this on my personal email at hotmail etc, but work emails I don't know.

    Thank you very much in advance.


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    Hi (again),

    my answer from the other post still is basically valid.

    Automatic spam detection/filtering is not performed from the Open-Xchange software. In case you run OX on top of UCS the UCS mail components can be configured to do that.
    Also if you want to filter the mail addresses you mentioned into a certain folder you can create mailfilters to achieve that. This only works from within Open-Xchange user interface if it's correctly integrated into your IMAP/SIEVE infrastructure. If you do not have a settings page in OX which gives you this possibility please talk to the admin of the OX and mail system how to achieve what you want to do.


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